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Hi, I’m Shahan. Thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a 30-year-old from Bristol, UK. I was born here, had all my education here, and somehow never picked up the accent.

Despite still living in Bristol, I do love the opportunity to travel. I’ve been to many places across the UK, and there’s still more I’d like to see. I have also travelled internationally; within Europe, to North America, and to Asia. There is still much of the world that I’d love to see.

Outside of work, I have a wide range of hobbies & interests to keep me busy. I love watching movies & going to the cinema; watching certain sports & attending local football & rugby games; watching TV; being an occasional gamer, and going to live music events.

Speaking of music, I started getting into rock music at school, especially metal and indie/alternative rock, but have discovered other genres since then. I have so many band t-shirts that once I wear one I probably won’t wear it again for about a month. My music collection & streaming playlist both contain the odd guilty pleasure, though.

I’d like to think I have a good, sociable personality. I’ve been told by people that I can be quirky (in a good way), that I can make them laugh, even been described by one friend as a true gentleman, and still like to show my creative side every now and then…


Heavily inspired by Adam Pacitti’s EmployAdam.com (as well as various dating blogs including Charly Lester’s 30 Dates Blog, Whimsicella’s Adventures in Dating: 26 Dates Before 26; Hannah Witton’s 25 Dates Before 25 – The Book Idea That Never Happened),
I decided to create this website as an alternative output from what has become of modern dating.

While there are now more methods for people to try dating, it is very hard to be unique & stand out from the crowd; both in person and online.

The Speed dating events I went to were mostly nice, but for me it’s not the best output to express my personality & character, especially given the short amount of time the “dates” last.

As much as I prefer talking to people in person, my priority now for when I do indeed go out socially is to hang out & catch up with friends. Also, I don’t have a good chat-up line!

Also, despite some conversation & a couple of dates, using dating websites & apps have been largely uneventful in terms of producing any significant outcome. In addition, these websites & apps can be used to look for something short-term, or even a “hook-up”, which is not what I am looking for.

I once did a blind date for the local news magazine Bristol 24/7. You can read about that here.

And although there are a lot of TV shows that seem to promote dating, most of these are portrayed, constructed or heavily edited for entertainment purposes, and do not always have the best mental health impact on some of its participants, or even some of its viewers. Some of these shows do show good ways on what to do or say on a date, but also show examples of the opposite!

Meeting someone; or trying to meet someone; can be a very long process, especially in a busy, lively city like Bristol. That may sound obvious, but when you’re in a city with a population of over 450,000, it is very hard to stand out…which is why I started this website & made the video, as I feel it’s the best method to effectively advertise myself, and to also show my fun personality & character in a way that I could probably not do elsewhere.

This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, however had put it off in the possibility that I’d meet someone soon. But now seems like the right time to finally do it.

I hope that by creating the website & video; that someone will see them both and would be interested in getting to know me on a potential romantic basis. It’s worth a go, isn’t it?

If you’re not personally interested, but feel nice and want to help out, then I’d really appreciate it if you share this website and video via social media, (don’t forget to use the #DateShahan hashtag!), messaging, or even word of mouth! The more people that see them, the more likely I’ll be contacted about potential dates.
Thanks in advance!


Shahan Standing

And now for more details on myself. A bit like the ones you get on them proper online dating profiles…

HOMETOWN: Bristol, UK.
Alright me luvver?

GENDER: Male. He/him

ORIENTATION: Heterosexual/Straight

LOOKING FOR: Long-Term Relationship

AGE: 30 (TURNING 31 IN 2020)

HEIGHT: 5’7”, AND loving the legroom


BODY TYPE: Average

OCCUPATION: Technical Services


PETS: None, but prefers cats to dogs

HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Music, film, TV, sports, video games, tech, comedy

IS THIS ALL A JOKE? Afraid not.

how are you? I’M FINE THANKS. YOU?

yes, i’m good, thanks

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