contact me

If you’ve been through this website, seen my video, and feel that we’re both compatible to have a starting conversation that could lead to a date (or dates!), the best way to contact me is by email on

Please include your name, a little about yourself*, and a recent photograph. You may wish to include a link to your social media page, or instead, feel free to visit any of my social media pages (links are at the bottom of this page)

If you are from the media/press, and wish to cover my search for love, then I fully appreciate it and thank you advance. If you want to request HQ versions of any photo; or the full HD version of the video, then the best way to reach me is via the same email address above.

*You probably wouldn’t anyway, but please don’t include any residential address, telephone number, or any obscene images.

Any emails containing any of these will be deleted and the originating address will be blocked

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